Software for Sorting Out Child Support

From The New York Times

Getting divorced, particularly when children are involved, can be a hard and messy business, rife with mediators, lawyers and courts. It’s little remarked how hard the realities of the situation can be afterward, when people are on their own.

“I came from a family that had a horrible divorce, and when it came time for me, I thought it would be different,” said Sheri Atwood, a 35-year-old mother of a 10-year-old girl. “But managing child support payments, child care, pickup schedules, figuring out who will pay for this and that. You’ve got an Excel spreadsheet out all the time, and you’re still swamped.”

Seeking relief, and seeing a potentially unserved market, two years ago Ms. Atwood quit her high-technology job and started a new company, Ittavi. Its product, SupportPay, is an online service that offers calendaring, schedule management, third-party payment systems and tax-management software for divorced people.

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