Divorce Lawyer Sues Client's Ex-husband For Defamation

Divorce Lawyer Sues Client's Ex-husband For Defamation

9/19/2013 3:21 PM ET

An Illinois lawyer has sued a man unhappy with his divorce for defamatory comments posted online, court records say.

Paul Nordini represented Joe LaBarre's wife in the divorce case, reported WBBM-TV on Thursday. Nordini reportedly wants more than $100,000 in damages.

LaBarre posted a negative review on Nordini's law firm on Google Plus. He told the local TV station that he's not concerned over the lawsuit.

Nordini holds his law practice in Naperville which is approximately 40 minutes to the west of Chicago.

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Maria Martina said...

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Kristo Jackal said...

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Sloane Summers said...

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emilyharrie said...
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emilyharrie said...

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Nobanno said...

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Nicole Curtis said...

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